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Highlighted PROJECTS                   UMass LABS and RESEARCHERS



In 2019 we are continuing and launching a series of new studies to explore factors that contribute to resilient development, from early childhood through adulthood, in families, schools and neighborhoods. 


We have launched two new data analysis projects examining healty and maladaptive adolescent development:

Adolescent health risks

(with Virginia Tech, funded by NIDA)


Chinese urban youth development

(with Shandong Normal University, Jinan, PRC, funded by a Shandong provincial government grant)

Individual Differences in Development Lab

Director: Kirby Deater-Deckard, Ph.D.


College of Education, School Psychology

Director: Sara Whitcomb, Ph.D.


Work and Family Transitions Lab

Director: Maureen Perry-Jenkins, Ph.D.


UMass Learning Lab

Director: Jennifer McDermott, Ph.D.

Cognitive & Developmental Neuroscience Lab

Director: Joonkoo Park, Ph.D.

Neuro Learning & Performance Lab

Director: Youngbin Kwak, Ph.D.

Developmental Milestones Lab

Director: Ashley Woodman, Ph.D.

Infant Cognition Lab

Director: Erik Cheries, Ph.D.

Cognition Across Development Lab

Director: Tara Mandalaywala, Ph.D.

Early Academic Development Lab

Director: David Arnold, Ph.D.



Visit our online list of local information and service resources for pregnant women and women with infants and young children. 


We are now part of Project ACCCess, with Baystate and Partners for a Healthier Community.

Contact us for details!




We are collaborating with SPS to implement and test new approaches for "hands on" learning experiences and research projects, about human development. Contact us for details! 

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